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The Pet Spot is the place where young people or just people who love animals can learn about their favorite animal pets and have a little fun playing pet related games.

 A pet can be a great addition to any family. But, it’s important to not just rush out and get the first adorable creature that catches your eye and heart. Research is important! Different animals have different needs. You must first be sure you have the time, money and space to invest into a new friend. The Pet Spot is a place where you can learn about the needs of some of the most popular pets.   

Here’s a list of important facts about Pets and Children:

· Communication: Children learn the subtle cues their pets give them to indicate their feelings. They can later apply this lesson to human interaction because they are more attuned to watching for body posture.


· Empathy: Children often become curious about the emotions their pets feel. This curiosity will extend itself to others. Animals offer an avenue for children to explore their curiosity. For a child, curiosity can lead to hope and to greater engagement with the world around them.

·  Nurturing skills: If properly supervised by adults, a child learns how to take care of another living being, and take pleasure in keeping the pet healthy and happy.


· Confidence: Children go through life under constant evaluation. They are rated by their behavior, grades and athletic performance. This is especially true of middle school children. Pets have no such expectations; they're delighted that the child is with them. Pets give children the sense of unconditional acceptance; No judging or rating is involved.

· Resilience to change: Children who undergo traumatic experiences often cope better when they have a pet to confide in. Loneliness is very dangerous to children. Having an animal companion can make them feel a part of something.